Phrasal Verbs

Type the phrasal verb in the boxes below. Be careful to use the correct tense.

break out inbreak downgo downget rounddrop inget over
come acrosscome intorun intopass outcome torun in
1.I don't know how to this problem.
2.It was so hot in the room that she .
3.It took her five minutes before she after fainting.
4.If you eat lots of rubbish, your face will pimples.
5.They decided to to see Bill on the way home.
6.When you buy a new car you shouldn't drive very fast. New cars need to be .
7.Hanna was very sick. However, she has her illness and is OK now.
8.When Ronald heard the bad news, he and started crying .
9.We Jill and Con at the concert last night.
10.My leg has been swollen for a week. I hope it will soon.
11.I'm going to retire because I've a lot of money.
12.She was looking for her scarf when she a spider in her drawer.