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The Queen's Birthday

The Queen's birthday is a national public holiday. The Queen's real birthday is on April 21 but in Australia her birthday is celebrated on the second Monday of June in all states except Western Australia and Queensland.

In Queensland, in 2012, there were two public holidays for the Queen. The Queen's Birthday public holiday was celebrated in October and, in June, there was the Queen's Diamond Jubilee public holiday. The Diamond Jubilee celebrated her 60 years as Queen.

On the Queen's birthday holiday, government offices, schools and many businesses are closed but stores are open. Some smaller shops may close or have shorter opening hours. On the Queen's Birthday holiday there are fireworks. These fireworks are not as big as the fireworks on New Year's Eve.

Use short answers for the following questions.

1.What month is the Queen's Birthday public holiday in most states?
2.Which Monday is the Queen's Birthday public holiday?
3.Which two states celebrate the Queen's birthday on a different day?
4.Which state had two public holidays for the Queen in 2012?
5.Are government offices open on the Queen's Birthday holiday?Yes
6.Are there fireworks on the Queen's Birthday holiday?Yes
7.On which day are the fireworks bigger?The Queen's Birthday holiday
New Year's Eve