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Sue's Family

Hi! My name's Sue and I'm Australian. I'm married with four children. I have two daughters and two sons. Ann is twelve years old and Jill is six. Bill is ten years old and Craig is two. My husband's name is Jeff and he's English.

Exercise 1

Use one word answers for the following questions. Spell the numbers.
1.How many children does Sue have?
2.What's Sue's nationality?
3.How many girls does she have?
4.How old is Ann?
5.How old is Jill?
6.How many boys does Sue have?
7.How old is Bill?
8.How old is Craig?
9.What is Sue's husband's name?
10.What's his nationality?

Exercise 2

Fill in the answers about Sue's family. Spell the numbers.
1.mother's name:
2.father's name:
3.sons' names:
5.daughters' names:
7.Ann's age:
8.Jill's age::
9.Bill's age:
10.Craig's age: